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Women are powerful boss ladies!

What comes to mind when you hear the word boss? Do you envision a tall, charming business man or a powerful woman? Is there a difference between female and male bosses? For me, a boss is so much more than someone telling someone what to do. A boss means being a great leader, leading by example, helping your community, and someone who has an open-door policy. A boss listens to ideas with an open mind and hears what others have to say.

According to an article posted on the WSJ, (link article) it revealed that women bosses and women friendly work places led to:

  • Innovation

  • Thoughtful decisions

  • Performance

  • Diversity of Ideas

While the article showcases many benefits of a female-friendly workplace, many people still prefer a male boss. As far as to why many want a male leader the reasons are endless. Some of these reasons include,

  • It’s just expected to have a male boss because it’s normal

  • Men are more credible

  • Men are (supposedly) easier to work with than women

However, I am hoping to change that!

When I started Boss Lady, my intention was to get a different feel by naming and representing what a boss looked like to me. I am a high positivity, high results oriented individual. I live the life that I have desired and designed with intention.

I would like for men to have a better understanding of what women want in the workplace. As a woman representing women, I want men to know that women want:

  • To be treated fairly

  • To be respected

  • To have their voice heard

There have been many reports that a wide majority of women lack confidence and self –esteem when compared to their male counterparts. This leads them to the fear of making decisions, the fear of speaking up and hindering them from being a powerful leader.

I want women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. In my world, you will no longer harbor resentment, be concerned about what you wear or be afraid to speak your mind. You don’t have to hide in the shadows. Let your light shine bright and be a successful boss, no matter what society thinks! How are you showing up as a boss to the world?


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