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How women can help other women succeed!

In March 2017, women across the world united for Women’s History Month. They celebrated through festivals, movies, speaking gigs, and even a historic march!

It was great to see women come together to support and celebrate each other. However, Women’s History Month is over and the buzz has fizzled down—so, now what? Whether its Women’s Day or Women’s History Month, as women, we must support and celebrate each other all year round! While you may not get any publicity supporting your fellow women, you will get so much more including:

  • A community of supportive women

  • New relationships

  • Motivation & Inspiration

  • Peer support

  • Accountability

  • Create long lasting friendships

In fact, as women our brains are wired differently. We crave human connection and beneficial relationships. That’s why it’s important for us to stick together and help each other. That’s why I was troubled when I read an article about why women don’t help each other. The article revealed:

  • Women helping other women is not valued

  • Women want to prove that they are equal to men

  • Women feel that their male counterparts will disapprove

While these reasons are disheartening, we have the power to change that. As women, we can unite the same way we did during Women’s History Month and showcase our power, strength and talents. By uniting as women daily, we can do so much more!

Whether, it’s business or personal, here are some ways to help your fellow women in your community and beyond!

Offer accountability—When it comes to losing weight or building a business, sometimes it’s difficult to go at it alone. That’s why many people who are working towards achieving a goal have accountability partners.

Share your resources- Is a fellow woman down on her luck? If so, you may have the power to help her. Whether she is looking for a business software tool or a new contractor for her home, lend a helping hand. Share your resources that will help her get the services and equipment she needs to succeed.

Promote each other—When you see that your fellow woman is working on a ground-breaking project, make it your mission to go out and support her. Promote and market her project like it was your own.

Be a Mentor--- Whether you overcame personal or professional struggles, you know there are other women going through the very same thing you overcame. Instead of competing with these women, uplift them and become a mentor. Teach them strategies that they can use to help them overcome the same struggles you have!

Have fun-- While we do our best to stay happy, sometimes daily life and pressures get in the way. However, it’s the bond that we have with our closest girlfriends that help us get through the daily stresses of life. Have a wine night, go on an exotic girl’s trip or have fun shopping! No matter what you do, make sure you are having fun with your best girlfriends. It’s good for your health!

When it comes to supporting other women, it’s easy as pie! How can we support you in your business and life? Contact Boss Lady today and discover how connection with like-minded women will help you reach your goals faster than you ever imagined!!

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