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Why women will lead in 2017 and beyond!

It seems like it was only a few short years ago that women weren’t allowed to vote, compete in the olympics, or even get a credit card! Fast forward to present day and women have evolved over the past few decades. In fact, we have evolved so much that in 2016 history was made when we had the first woman presidential nominee. However, this is not about politics. This is about the evolution of women and what’s to come.

Today, women are movers and shakers, CEO’s, high level executives, congress women and world leaders! Even though the recession of 2008 had a huge impact on both women and men, women were able to recoup their jobs that were lost by the year 2014. The economic crisis of 2008 led to foreclosures, poor credit ratings, and increased anxiety and depression. While it may seem that the recession is over, there are still many who are recovering from that difficult time.

If one thing the recession did--- it showed the resiliency and will power of women. Women showed that they were just as capable and qualified as men. Throughout history women have fought and proved that they were equal to their male counterparts. It’s a scientific fact that women and men are wired differently.

In an article on, it highlights a few points why women will be leaders of the future. Some of these points include:

  • Women are gaining higher power positions in corporate America

  • More women are elected in legislature across America

  • Women are dominating the global economy

  • The female brain is wired differently than the male brain

As we are approaching 2017 more and more women will step into powerful roles that lead to social and economic change. These next few years are critical on how we choose to show-up in the world. Unlike the early 19th century, when we speak, the world listens. Yes, there may be obstacles that we face along the way. However, we are strong, powerful, and resilient. 2017 and beyond is our time to shine and let the world know that we (women) can be effective leaders and create change. How will you change the world? Post your answers in the comment box below. Remember there is a HEinSHE! We like men who respect women!

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